Purchasing xlCurves

Purchasing xlCurves

Before making the purchase, try out the Trial Edition, and check that the xlCurves works on your computer, your versions of Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Excel, and that the xlCurves meets your requirements and expectations.

The Trial Edition is the same as the Licensed Edition, with one exception: The functions return #VALUE! in place of the actual computed result.

The License Edition must be activated before it is functional. The online activation is described in the Software Activation section of the End User License Agreement.

The xlCurves comes with 30 days guarantees from the date of purchase. If you are not satisfied for any reason, just contact us to request a refund.

Following is the percentage discounts when you purchase more than one licenses in a single order. The discount is applied to the entire order.

2-4 Licenses
5-7 Licenses
8-10 Licenses
5% Discount
10% Discount
15% Discount

Please contact us if you are interested in purchasing more than 10 licenses, or to enquire different forms of payment.

Price (USD)
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Net Cost

We process orders manually. The license will be sent to you, to the email address that you specified, in two (2) business days. The email message will contain a download link and instructions to install the xlCurves.

If you do not receive the email please check that it has not been filtered out as spam.